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cat and mouse

this being stalked is really starting to affect my faith.  for the first time, i am seriously considering moving back to our home in the province.  for the first time, i am considering myself such a headache to myself–and to my brother.

it’s frustrating as well that my already busy schedule had to be interrupted so i can make a report, look for a photo of him, and be interviewed by the security officers at work. if this was a game, he’s already winning with the attention and effort he’s getting from me. i hate it. but…there is wisdom behind this, i know.

humbling. reminds me how powerless i am.  reminds me how much i need a support network. reminds me as well that there will always be room for growth…for more patience…and faith.

life may be difficult…but with HIM, it always is possible. i can, and with HIM, i will. in shaa ALLAH.

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