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Heart check

A heart full of faith sees challenges as opportunities to grow, treats roadblocks as blessings in disguise, and considers doubt & confusion as signs to pause & reflect. A heart full of faith is grateful for blessings–big & small–and never takes them for granted. It speaks and acts responsibly for self and others…through the Almighty, for the Almighty.

How’s our heart?


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if LiFe were music being played, sometimes you find The Most Powerful One pressing “pause” even when you still want to play. And when that happens, you PAUSE…

P-ray that HE guides you to the straight path,

A-ccept that others may not see things the way you do,

U-nderstand yourself & others–or at least try,

S-peak your heart & mind, and

E-xpect good things to come. (In shaa ALLAH)


PAUSE…to play again–beautifully.

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still going :)

the pause was…a change of state. a new chapter–or should i say, two chapters? a crazy adventure. a giving up to gain. a learning from scratch. a discovery and re-discovery of who i am and what it means to be beautifully interdependent. no mastery of lessons…yet…still going…still hopeful that i’ll get to my desired destination, in shaa ALLAH.

no more full-time work for me–save for wifeyhood and mommyhood (harhar). yep, i did get to find the courage to take that step forward. so, there…and the journey of this muslimah continues….


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