a graduate…in progress

07 Nov

i’ve learned that smiling can be the most painful thing to do sometimes…

but sometimes it’s the only way for you to acknowledge you are in pain.

i’ve learned that people can hurt you real bad–even when you’ve done nothing wrong…

but there’s no point in allowing them to continue to hurt you by holding grudges.

i’ve learned that you can be judged without ever getting the chance to share your side of the story…

but then you realize what matters is how HE sees you and how those who matter stay ’til the very end.

i’ve learned that when you get hurt, there are those who’ll make you feel it’s your fault ‘coz you allowed yourself to get hurt…

but we must not forget that there are events beyond our control…and while we do control ourselves, we cannot control others.

i’ve learned that tears don’t always fall when you want them to…

sometimes it takes a hug to get them to flow…and that’s when you get to appreciate a hug–and the person giving it–even more.

i’ve learned that there are relationships that are better left the way they are–social but not interhuman…

sooner or later, you’ll realize you’re doing yourself and the other a favor…no, not angry…just accepting that there are relationships that should just…be.

i’ve learned that you could end up forgetting your own worth in the process of understanding others…

but maybe it’s just part of the process that’ll lead you in the end to say, “i am me and i am okay. Alhamdulillah.”

i’ve learned that hurt indeed hurts…

but that it’ll pass…and that it’s one of the best ways to appreciate what HE has given you:

♥ LIFE ♥


Alhamdulillahi Rabbi’l Alamin.

dont just exist…truly LIVE.

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