give UP

14 Oct



Today, the Day of Arafat (9th of the Islamic month Dhul-Hijjah), we especially and incessantly ask for ALLAH The Most High’s forgiveness, with the intention of persevering to never commit the same mistakes again, in shaa Allah. And tomorrow, the Feast of Sacrifice, we hope to gain a brand new start, bi’idhnillah. It makes me smile to think of the two feasts Muslims around the world celebrate. I realize, they are both a celebration of the fact that HE gave us the capacity to actually do things we probably never thought we could (yes, whatever we are able to sacrifice, change, and accomplish is only because of HIM–because HE willed it) and of the hope that HE will bestow on us HIS Mercy and Forgiveness so we can begin anew, taking with us the lessons and realizations that we gained in the previous days as we stepped out of our comfort zone and move into our courage zone using our core zone. They are both celebrations that mark the end of important Islamic events but also a start once again of a life dedicated to HIM alone, in shaa ALLAH. And, admittedly, it’s not easy to maintain that kind of life. We rise and we fall. We get tired and sometimes, we even get lost. We learn and we forget. But, in shaa Allah, HE’ll help us remember and re-learn and serve better.

Life is indeed a struggle against our own selves to sacrifice for HIS Sake…to truly give UP. Giving UP means losing and loving only for HIS Sake: losing the illusion that we own something in this world & that we are completely attached to HIS creations, and losing all the negativity that would make us experience the real loss in the Hereafter; and, loving actions that please HIM and loving HIS creations to the best that we can while we still can as a sincere sign of gratefulness to and love for HIM, knowing that HE’s only given us a limited time to do all these in this world.

Difficult? It is…but with HIM, it always is possible. May we all continuously fast from everything that takes us away from HIM and feast only on those which pleases HIM. Ameen.

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