to the sojourner

23 Sep

who cries for justice yet remains locked in the dark
who numbly prances to the tune of gunshots
whose loved ones’ end may never be known
who realizes that most questions will be left unanswered

to the sojourner
whose life is shattered by another who has ceased to be man
who forces a smile amidst the tears
who leaves home in search of serenity
who breaks down yet repeats to oneself that all is well, all is well

to the sojourner
who’s driven mad by meaningless orders
whose soul dies each time it takes a life
who remains wide awake though he is asleep
who struggles in moving forward to find his way back

to the sojourner
whose experiences drain me yet strengthen me
who teaches me how tough life in this world is
who reminds me of HIM and HIS Divine Will
who hopes, like me, for happiness in eternity

to the sojourner
who’s different yet the same as me…
you are far yet near, silent yet heard
be comforted that one day it’ll all be over
we are one in prayer, sufficed by One True Healer.



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Posted by on September 23, 2013 in I + You = WE, reach UP


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