12 Jul

ImageThere was so much beauty around–the ocean and the waves that met the sand, the cool breeze and leaves ruffling, kids’ laughter and water splashing, couples walking hand in hand, and old friends catching up.  I was walking barefoot and loving it.  Yet of all that there was, it was this tree that caught my attention most.  I couldn’t help but pity it at first.  There was so much life around yet it was lifeless–or almost.  I couldn’t help but consider it like a kid who was excluded or bullied by others around him.  But as I stood there and stared at it some more, I found me correcting myself as I pondered on its existence, its life.

It wasn’t excluded from the beauty around me.  In fact, it perfectly fit. Perhaps even, it was that beautiful missing piece that made everything around it more meaningful, Alhamdulillah.

To ALLAH we belong and to HIM we shall return.

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