of fear and faith

07 Jul

Times have been tough, and events are indeed humbling.  And, I’ve realized I can process myself easily when it comes to losing some important ‘possessions’–my house and my career–but I find it difficult nowadays to immediately bounce back when I encounter people who make it difficult to keep the faith. It’s draining, seriously, and I find myself asking the same questions in my head every now and then: why are they like that? why can’t they just leave others in peace? should I stop hoping that they will change?  but am I not discriminating them by losing hope?  isn’t losing hope a sign that i am losing faith?


To lose faith is…scary, indeed. Yet isn’t it interesting to note that what scares us the most is also the same thing that makes us give our best with all of our hearts to hold on to HIM even when we’re tired?

It reminds me that what we fear to lose will always be a great glimpse of what we hold dear.

Alhamdulillah for everything.

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